Tactical Vest Kit for Nerf Guns N-Strike Elite Series

Product Features

  • Tactical vest kit lets you carry along lots of extra ammo and firepower for nerf gun fights. Including 1 x Vest, 1 x Tactical Mask, 20 x Refill Darts, 1 x Protective Glass, 1 x Quick Reload Clip, 1 x Wrist Band.
  • Refill darts made of high quality plastic and EVA Foam, non-toxic material;The Quick reload clips could store up to 6 extra darts, both could work with all N-Strike Elite blasters and most original N-Strike blasters.Have a safe Gun War!
  • Vision Gear with safty glasses that protect you in the game and gives you the sharp look of a serious competitor.
  • Enjoy a sturdy durable and breathable tactical vest and wrist band, and adjustable velcro straps to fit for children Age 5+.
  • The seamless face tube mask make team playing stark, Keep the perspiration off your face when the kids fight for nerf guns war game.
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Product Description

Products Overview:
* N-Strike Elite Bandolier Kit is definitely a must-have for any Nerf enthusiast or Humans vs Zombies member.
* Firepower Maximizing: Tactical Vest Kit Vest + Protective Glass + Tactical Mask + Quick Reload Clips + Hand Wrist Band For N-Strike Elite Series Blaster Gun Refill;
* Optimal Ammo-Supply for your “Last Chance”: has great hooks for dangling extra Nerf Guns, COOL-looking when running or hiding.
* Durable & Elastic Adjustable Rope: with Sturdy Claspes & is easy to use, no need to worry about clips & darts falling out.
*Elite Darts work with all N-Strike Elite blasters and most original N-Strike blasters

Package Including:
1 x Dart Ammo Storage Vest
1 x Dart Ammo Storage Hand Wrist Band
1 x Quick Reload Clips
1 x Tactical Mask
1 x Protective Glass

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